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May 2019 Which Of The Two Do You Want Me To Release?
April 2019 What is the Liturgy of the Hours?
March 2019 To Excommunicate or Not?
February 2019 What Does the Term ‘Practical Catholic’ Mean?
January 2019 Why Should We Attend Mass?
December 2018 Will I be Saved?
November 2018 Why is The Period We Are In Called The ‘4th Great Crises’?
October 2018 How do we respond to the new crises?
September 2018 What did Humanae Vitae really say? Was it really only about Birth Control?
August 2018 Why Should We Pray for the Dead?
July 2018 What is the difference between a disciple & an
June 2018 What Does the Church Teach About Hell and
Purgatory? (Part 2)
May 2018 What Does the Church Teach About Hell & Purgatory?
April 2018 I Obey All the Commandments so I Am Going to Heaven – Right?
March 2018 When you get a divorce, are you excommunicated and barred from receiving Holy Communion?
February 2018 Did the Massacre of the Holy Innocents Really Happen?
January 2018 Silences is Where We Meet God
December 2017 Why is there so Much Talk about Rigidity?
November 2017 Since Everyone Was Created Good, Won’t All Of Us Go To Heaven?
October 2017 When Does the Host Become Jesus Christ?
September 2017 What Can Be Done About Vocations?
August 2017 Why is Celibacy Threatening?
July 2017 Why Celibacy?
June 2017 Celibacy – A Short History
May 2017 Is Optional Celibacy for Priests Coming?
April 2017 Should Catholics Support Environmentalism?
March 2017 Are Redemption & Salvation the Same Thing?
February 2017 Can TV Mass Replace Going to Mass in Church?
January 2017 Are we to be more forgiving than God?
December 2016 Is There a Hierarchy of Doctrines?
November 2016 Why Do We Have Liturgy?
October 2016
(Grand Knights Message)
What Might We Expect From the New
Commission on Women Deacons?
September 2016
August 2016 If Vatican II was such a watershed in the Church,
do I really need to read anything written before
July 2016 How do I get more from the Mass?
June 2016 Faith Filled Fathers Are Critical to the Church
May 2016 What is an Apostolic Exhortation? Does it
Change the Catholic Faith?
April 2016 Is there any difference between salvation and
March 2016 Why the Different Number of Candles between a
High Mass and a Low Mass?
February 2016 What is the Meaning and Significance
of a Holy Door?
January 2016 What is the real role of Guardian Angels?
December 2015 What Feasts Trump the Celebration of the
Ordinary Sunday Mass Celebration?
November 2015 Did the Pope Just Change the Doctrine on
Confession of Abortion?
October 2015 Did the Pope Just Create Catholic Divorce?
September 2015 Does infallibility means that everything the Pope
says is true? (reprint from 7 years ago)
August 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Walking up to
July 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Kneeling for the
Eucharistic Prayer
June 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Folding Your
May 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Sitting
April 2015 What Does Receiving the Eucharist in a Worthy
Manner Mean?
March 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Beating the Breast
Febuary 2015
January 2015 Bodily Participation at Mass – Standing
December 2014 How Do We Understand Pope Francis?
November 2014 Bodily Participation at Mass –Bowing
October 2014 Bodily Participation at Mass–Genuflecting & Bowing
September 2014 Bodily Participation at Mass – The Sign of the Cross
August 2014 What is Bodily Participation at Mass (Part 1)?
July 2014 What Does Active Participation at Mass Really
June 2014
May 2014 How Late Can I Arrive At Mass and The Mass Counts?
April 2014 Why Don’t We Hear About Purgatory?
March 2014 What are the Precepts of the Church?
February 2014 What are Rogation Days?
January 2014 How Many Times May Communion be Received Each Day?
December 2013 Should We Pray to the Saints to Intercede for Us?
November 2013 Did the Pope Really Say We Need to Stop
Speaking Out?
October 2013 How do Places of Worship Get Their Names?
September 2013 What Exactly is Ordinary Time?
August 2013 Why Should We Pray for the Dead?
July 2013 Do You Have to be a Priest to be a Cardinal?
June 2013 What Does Episcopal Consecration Mean?
May 2013 What is a Cardinal Deacon?
April 2013 Can You Explain Differences in the New Mass Like Consubstantial and Incarnate?
March 2013 What Do You Call a ‘Retired’ Pope?
Feb 2013 Is there a real difference between ‘Permanent’ and ‘Transitional’ Deacons?
Jan 2013
Dec 2012 Where Were You on November 7th?
Nov 2012 What are the Most Objectionable Parts of Obamacare?
Oct 2012 As we Decide Who to Vote For, What are the Non-Negotiable Issues?
Sept 2012 Should Catholics Outwardly Evangelize like Other Christians?
Aug 2012 When Were the Gospels Written?
July 2012 How Often do you Pray to Receive the Eucharist?
June 2012 What was the Big Deal about Bishop Jenky’s Homily?
May 2012 Why is Divine Mercy Sunday Important?